Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sweet victory.


Our loyal supporters with their 'haka' bears - they don't often let them go.

Exactly a week ago, almost our whole country, of 4 million, were watching the final in the Rugby World Cup. It was between our national team, the All Blacks, and France.
It was literally a nail biting game. Everybody was holding their breath until the ref blew his whistle at full time.

The victory was ours. By ONE point! (8-7)

The country was in celebration mode as soon as that whistle went. Everybody was excited, there were celebration parties and parades around the national centres.

Everyone is still grinning and so happy that our awesome team of 30 men had brought that World Cup home after 24 long years. And that sweet victory is ours for 4 years!

Those men and their coaches, and various other staff worked so hard to win that Cup. There were several heart breaking injuries throughout the tournament, but our men soldiered on, and brought the Cup home to their proud country.

CONGRATULATIONS to our awesome ALL BLACKS! You did it boys, you rock!

You can watch their spine tingling haka here

You can read more and see lots of photos here





Friday, October 28, 2011

Phone dump Friday.

Some photos from our week...


1. This boy is growing more and more confident everyday, I love watching it happen.
2. Blast from the past! Had to buy these, and see if they were still the same as when we were kids... they are!
3. Impromptu trip to the pet shop... equals one mesmerized wee girl.
4. Homemade club sandwich from the Mr - was yummy!
5. Guy flying up and down the beach in his little para sail hovercraft thingy... with a massive audience watching.
6. Siblings playing nicely together... this is happening more and more, thank goodness.
7. Hyperactive puppy at the pet shop... we did not take him home, as much as Miss begged.
8. Fish and chips above our beautiful beach.
9. Our beautiful beach... wont be back to original state for a long long time, but it's looking much better.

Will add photos later of our victorious All Blacks - we won the world cup, woohoo!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend tid bits.


Easy reading, pancakes, my awesome rainbow cake and lasagne with salad, all part of a good Saturday!

It's nice to have a few distractions from this:


The oil spill from the ship, Rena, on our beautiful beach.

You can read more about it here: Rena disaster.

And one last thing: